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Posted: 10/26/11

Above from left, Stephen Kovalcik of Armada, now a fireman out of state, Khalood Bojanowski and her daughter, Fallon Kovalcik, after a show on CNN about their participation in the reality TV show Monster In-Laws. Below, The courtyard at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel where Khalood Bojanowski came to terms with her son-in-law, Stephen.

(Photo courtesy of Khalood Bojanowski)

Local 'mama' gets her say on
daughter's marriage in TV show

Observer Special Writer
      When Khalood Bojanowksi found out her daughter was engaged in April it wasn't a joyful event for her.
       Instead of calling all of her friends, picking out a dress and starting the wedding planning, the Washington Township mom hopped on a plane heading for Tennessee, where her daughter, Fallon, was living with her then fiancĂ©.
       Khalood wasn't as upset about a man taking her daughter's hand as who that man actually was. Her friends and family knew quite well how much she despised her future son-in-law, Stephen Kovalcik, who grew up in Armada.
       Khalood will now share her thoughts and feelings with the entire world on an upcoming episode of Monster In-Laws, a new reality show airing on the A & E Channel. The episode featuring their family will be shown on Monday, Oct. 31 at 10 p.m.
       "My daughter asked me if I'd go on the show, and at first I really didn't want to," said Khalood. "But I'm glad I did. I wanted to get it all out how I feel about him and I did."
       Khalood stayed in Tennesee for two weeks while the show was being taped. During that time, a film crew followed the three of them around 24/7.
       "They started taping right from the airport," Khalood said.
       As part of the show, a psychiatrist spent time with each of them individually to try to get to the bottom of why there was so much discontent between them. Through a series of exercises and counseling sessions, the psychiatrist, Tom Kersting, was able to bring some sort of peace to the situation.
       "He (Kersting) was awesome," Khalood said. "He really helped our relationship. We laughed a lot, cried a lot and fought a lot. But, I really got to know my son-in-law and now I can say I like him 95 percent. I went from 0-95, and that's not bad."
       Fallon and Stephen were married in September and although she still has that 5 percent of doubt, Khalood said she gave her daughter her blessing because she and Fallon, who was the Romeo Peach Queen in 2004, have always had a close relationship and that no one could ever come between them.
       "I don't think I will ever like him 100 percent," said Khalood. "But maybe over time he can prove himself 100 percent to me. Maybe. But I doubt it."
       Khalood said the producers of the show, Leftfield Pictures, admitted their episode was the best of the series.
       "I am `out there' and I can be a real witch," said Khalood. "I have no filter. I say what's on my mind and those who know me know I am actually a good-hearted person who is just looking out for my only daughter."
       Khalood's personality and conduct on Monster In-Laws caught the attention of the producers of the Dr. Phil Show, who promptly called to invite her and her family to be guests on the show.
       "Dr. Phil had an opportunity to watch our episode of Monster In-Laws, even though it hasn't aired yet," said Khalood, who will be seeing the episode for the first time with the rest of the world. "He referred to me as `ratings candy,' the person people love to hate."
       So, in addition to Monday night's episode of Monster In-Laws, Khalood, her husband Jerry, Fallon and Stephen will also air their dirty laundry on an episode of the Dr. Phil Show, to be shown Tuesday, Nov. 1.
       "I have to admit that I didn't even like Dr. Phil before I met him. But he really is a very nice, humble man," Khalood said.
       Khalood said the audience openly showed their dislike for her, but that only made the producers of the show like her all the more.
       "Another psychiatrist on the show asked my daughter, `is your mom just acting like this or is this what she is really like?' Even Dr. Phil told me I am really `out there,'" Khalood said with a laugh. "But I don't really care what other people think. Again, people who know me know the real me. And there are a lot of people who love me for being me."
       Khalood also gained a love/hate audience when she appeared on the reality show, "Mama's Boy" with her son, JoJo, in 2009.
       "The shows (Mama's Boy and Monster In-Laws) are totally unrelated," Khalood said. "These producers didn't know that I was on that show, although they kept saying I looked familiar."
       Khalood said in the last couple of weeks she has been offered other opportunities, but that she is unsure if or what she will agree to.
       "Show me the money," she said. "And I have to be able to have the last word."

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