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Posted: 11/14/12

Model Shannon Klarr shows off her hairstyle called "Amusement." Stylist AnnaMarie Sinacola, Salon Concepts, explains how she created a plastic ferris wheel then wrapped hair around it to form what she called a "hairis" wheel. Sinacola was awarded 1st place in the Popular Vote contest.

(Observer photo by Judith Kimpan)

Avante Garde fundraiser
draws big hair, big crowd

Observer Special Writer
      Big hair, bold colors, bright lights, feathers and lace highlighted the 2nd Annual Avant Garde Hair Show on Nov. 9 at Gray's Opera House.
       Models paused to wink with peacock-feathered eyelashes, waved to the audience, then sashayed down the runway with wild and unusual hairstyles at this fundraiser for A Beautiful Me (ABMe), a self-esteem building organization for women of all ages.
       Stylist Angie Kowalewski, owner of Hair Designers & Co. and sponsor of the hair show, teamed up with her daughter, Kaitlyn, to create a hairdo called "Sweet Treat."
       "It looks like a big old cupcake on her head," Kowalewski said.
       Models competed for a technical award and Popular Vote Awards.
       "The technical contest is the whole kit and caboodle; your hair, clothing and accessories. Every detail in your presentation," Kowalewski said.
       Veronica Danks Lozen, show creator and Karen Palka, founder of ABMe and show chairman, picked two experienced judges that lived in the area.
       "We wanted to pick judges the stylists felt comfortable for their competency," Lozen said.
       "This is one competition stylists can participate in, otherwise these competitions can cost upward of $1,000 to enter. This one was affordable and every stylist wants to show off their artwork, not just everyday hair," Lozen said.
       The show was three times larger than last year and at two locations, adding a live satellite broadcast at Younger's Irish Tavern. It started with 15 models, this year there were 35 models.
       Palka was "extremely happy with the number of attendees."
       The show was free last year and 150 people attended. This year a cocktail party with food, beverages and bands were added for a $50 admission and 222 people supported the cause.
       Ushers Chad Lozen and Russ Mathieson encouraged the girls to smile or take a deep breath as they walked down the stairs to the runway.
       "Some have huge hair, if they tip to one side or another they could fall over," Mathieson said.
       Theresa Strobel and Patti Handler felt honored to be asked to judge the technical aspect of the show.
       "I was a participant last year, to be on the other side is exciting," Handler said.
       "I'm so impressed with the clothes that were selected. We wanted this to be family friendly and this is PG in dress," Palka said.
       Model Ashley Makedonsky, Imlay City, wore converse tennis shoes to put into practice the values of ABMe.
       "I didn't need to wear high heels to feel pretty," Makedonsky said.
       Makedonsky's stylist, Julia Borton, created her look to show beauty is on the inside.
       Stylist Chelsea Kimball returned to compete again this year. She used branches to represent antlers and a Styrofoam ball wrapped around model Brittany Schmidt's real hair to transform her into a deer in her creation called "Camouflage." The judges awarded Kimball the $250 Technical Award.
       The Popular Vote went to Romeo Stylist AnnaMarie Sinacola from Salon Concepts in Washington Twp. for her creation "Amusement."
       Sinacola designed a "hairis" wheel, like a ferris wheel, with lights interwoven on model Shannon Klarr. She designed a plastic ferris wheel then covered it with hair.
       "Every little detail is covered," she said.
       It was a night of extremes: extreme hair, extreme happiness and extreme confidence.
       Danks Lozen expressed her gratitude for everyone's enthusiasm and support.
       "Thank you for having faith in something you may never have heard of before."
       Two honorable mentions in the Technical Award category went to Hair Designers & Co. stylist Gerilyn Scally & Whitney Brown for "Trendy Floral," modeled by Melissa Scally and Hair Designers & Co. stylist Katrina Spring for "Christmas," modeled by Cheyenne Spring.

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