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Posted: 01/15/14

HEALTH AND HEALING. Above, Dr. Mark Kinnard has published his first book, "You Were Created to be Healthy for a Lifetime: Replenish, Repair, Rebuild," to provide people tips on living a healthy life through diet and chiropractics. Kinnard has practiced in Romeo for 25 years.

(Observer photo by Chris Gray)

Romeo doctor prescribes
three Rs in new book

Observer Staff Writer
      The two Rs of rest and relaxation are fairly well-known, but a local doctor is stressing three more Rs in his new book.
       Dr. Mark Kinnard has published his first book, "You Were Created to be Healthy for a Lifetime: Replenish, Repair, Rebuild," to offer his insights on how to live a healthy life and prevent future problems.
       Kinnard has held a private practice in Romeo for 25 years. He said the inspiration for his career in chiropractic medicine and wellness, and subsequently publishing his book, was his mother. He said when he was 7 years old she became handicapped, and eventually passed away from multiple sclerosis.
       "That started a long process of wanting to become a doctor, not knowing what kind," he said. "I was interested in becoming some kind of doctor that would work with natural means of fixing things."
       He said pursuing an alternative medicine gave him a path to helping people address health problems like pain without always hvaing to turn to medication or invasive procedures.
       As an example, he called something like diabetes a "full-body inflammation" that can affect everything from the pancreas and nervous system to the heart.
       "When you get a headache or have a stiff neck, it's not because you have a shortage of aspirin in your system," he said. "Your body is trying to tell you something is wrong."
       He said he has focused on building up a person's quality of life with his practice, such as with spinal adjustments, stretches or nutritional analysis. With that in mind, he created a 141-page book that he said could act as a guide to living healthier and longer.
       "By addressing the structural components, we can radically change how the organs work, different systems," he said.
       In the book, he said fingers can be pointed at the government, pharmaceutecal companies or the food industry for health issues, but the truth is a person's choices and lifestyle are the root cause.
       To encourage better behaviors, Kinnard focuses is on three ideas: replenish, repair and rebuild. Kinnard's tips and advice range from simple exercises that rehabilitate the body from injuries or stressors to therapies like low-level laser treatments, which stimulate cellular activity in the body.
       For replenishing the body, he said a good diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats help keep a person healthy. He provides different thoughts on the food industry as well as what he refers to as the SAD, or Standard American Diet, that emphasizes meat and sugars and not fruits and vegetables.
       "If we give the body the right nutrition, the right chemicals, then it will begin to literally repair itself," he said. "It'll build new, healthy cells instead of old ones."
       Kinnard said he wanted the book to be easy to understand, which can be tough when medical terminology is involved. When a term comes up, Kinnard provides a definition of it as well as a glossary for reference.
       Kinnard's book also includes 10 ideas for leading a happy, successful life, drawing upon quotes from the Bible for inspiration. He said spirituality is important to him and his work.
       "What we want to do is with this really comes down to these three things: address it chemically, structually, and . . . rebuild the mind," he said. "If you rebuild the emotional mind part, which is also the spiritual part, now you've got a balance."
       Chiropractics has received criticism from the medical community, saying its effectiveness hasn't been fully proven. To that, Kinnard said "chiropractic skeptics" should try out chiropractic therapy that handles specific problems, not just for back or neck pain.
       "If chiropractic is specific, then you can see miracles happen in people's lives every day," he said.
       For information on purchasing a copy, call Kinnard's offices at (586) 752-6501 or visit

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