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Posted: 06/16/10

Above, 5K Race first place runner Adam Richmond. He ended the race with a time of 15.37 minutes. Below, nine-year-old Hevel Elementary student Alissa Gallop completing her first race with a time of 32.30 minutes. The race was the first annual Art and Orchard Festival 5K Race.

(Observer photos by Mike Nicley)

Art and Orchard
5K Race results

      A total of 80 people participated in the Art & Orchard Festival 5K race held to benefit Samaritan House.
       Elizabeth Putti of Utica was the overall female winner, with a time of 19:23. Adam Richmond, with a time of 15:37 was the overall male winner.Other results were:
       Female 13 and under: 1st, Alissa Gallop, 32:30. Female 14-19: 1st, Katie Schwark, Washington, 20:45; 2nd, Kendra Karson, Washington, 32:33; 3rd, Kristin Domsic, Shelby Township, 33:07; 4th, Connie Mueller, Shelby Township, 33:08. Female 20-29: 1st, Angela Cergnul, 22:53; 2nd, Amy Rosenberg, Romeo, 27:03; 3rd, Kasondra Taube, 32:13. Female 30-39: 1st, Tonya Hardy, 21:57; 2nd, Sarah Kraft, Utica, 23:55; 3rd, Barb Horn, Washington, 25:56; 4th, Bonnie Tarnutzer, Washington, 29:43; 5th, Sara Gallop, 32:31; 6th, Tiffany Pomaville, Macomb, 32:53; 7th, Sandra Leopp, 33:24; 8th, Christina Miller, Richmond, 33:59; 9th Julie Dufrane, Macomb, 36:02; 10th, Jennifer Henderson-Zaner, Troy, 36:03.
       Female 40-49: 1st, Laura Shamblin, Washington, 21:47; 2nd, Catherine Boeve, Romeo, 23:05; 3rd, Laurie Corey, Washington, 23:25; 4th, Deanna Devlaminck, Dryden, 25:31; 5th, Susan Manauis, Shelby Township, 25:58; 6th, Linda Bouthillet, Washington, 26:19; 7th, Penny Wilde, Washington, 29:50; 8th, Diane Mohrbach, Washington, 29:52; 9th, Susan Wojciechowski, Chesterfield Township, 31:57; 10th, Nancy Kolb, Oxford, 33:05; 11th, Debbie Richley, Dearborn Heights, 33:14; 12th, Christine Karson, Washington, 35:01; 13th, Betty Kowalski, Washington, 36:31; 14th, Scheuerlein Greenfield, Washington, 38:37; 15th, Cynthia Toothacker, 43:50; 16th, Sandi Serra, Romeo, 46:32; 17th, Heather Blanzy, Clinton Township, 46:50.
       Female 50-59: 1st, Deborah Signorello, Washington, 24:44; 2nd, Jacalyn Vanlerberghe, 32:51; 3rd, Carol Poterek, Sterling Heights, 46:35. Female 60 and over: 1st, Mary Ann Balon, 29:25; 2nd, Marge Montalbano, Sterling Heights, 36:14; 3rd, Kathleen Isken, Romeo, 49:22; 4th, Janet Andrews, Harrison Township, 50:03.
       Male 13 and under: 1st, Cole Gellatly, Macomb, 21:36; 2nd, Dylan Speer, Washington, 22:27; 3rd, David Andrews, Washington, 27:36; 4th, Phillip Harrell, Washington, 28:19; 6th, Garrett Karson, Washington, 30:27; 7th, Chandler Decker, 33:25. Male 14-19: 1st, Ryan Najor, Emmett, 20:54; 2nd, Garrett Noechel, 26:12; 3rd, Eric Bytner, Armada, 29:04. Male 20-29: 1st, Mike McCarthy, Washington, 24:46. Male 30-39: 1st, Sam Dworkin, Sterling Heights, 23:21; 2nd, Chris Dimuro, 23:26; 3rd, Melvin Lerwand, 23:29; 4th, Mike Nahmias, Utica, 25:36; 5th, Kenneth Washington, Sterling Heights, 25:59; 6th, James Liegghio, Washington, 28:31; 7th, Stephan Tarnutzer, Washington, 29:42; 8th, Andy Gellatly, Macomb, 32:03; 9th, Christopher Grant, Romeo, 50:42.
       Male 40-49: 1st, Brent Levasseur, Utica, 22:23; 2nd, Keith Karson, Washington, 22:50; 3rd, Henry Rehn, Sterling Heights, 24:01; 4th, Donald Fredal, Utica, 24:14; 5th, Ed Mohrbach, Washington, 26:29; 6th, Mike Weisgerber, Washington, 26:30; 7th, Chris Andrews, Washington, 30:51.
       Male 50-59: 1st, Bruce Paul, Washington, 18:47; 2nd, Curt Best, Sterling Heights, 23:39; 3rd, Michael Ward, Utica, 26:56; 4th, Brian Semin 27:09; 5th, Larry Vanlerberghe, 27:56. Male 60 and over: 1st, Martin Kraft, Rochester, 21:42; 2nd, Marvin Stevenson, 31:03; 3rd, Ned Grant, Washington, 35:17.

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