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Posted: 10/03/12

Cross country team
ranked third in state

      The Romeo High School cross country teams have had a busy start to their season. The boys' compiled a 7-0 record in their first MAC Red Jamboree, finished third at the Michigan State Spartan Invite and won the Old Skool Classic Invitational.
       They are currently ranked third in the state.The boys placed third in the 5,000 meter Spartan Elite. Results: 24th, Jason Saliga, 16:11; 29th, Trevor Sharnas, 16:13; 49th, Alec Toreki, 16:32, 57th, Jacob Domagalski, 16:39; 61st, Andrew Nelson, 16:43; 190th, Adam Fraeyman, 17:51; 218th, Chris Frazer, 18:08.
       The girls placed 12th out of 32 teams in the 5,000 meter green race (MHSAA Division 1 and 2) in the Spartan Invite. Results: 43rd, Alicia Arnold, 20:38; 47th, Emma Wilson, 20:48; 88th, Autumn Klein, 21:22; 98th, Shannon Boyce, 21:32; 103rd, Hannah Holliday, 21:39; 125th, Megan Greb, 21:58; 169th, Haylee Murray, 22:39.
       Results of the Old Skool were:
       5,000 meter, 9th grade: 2nd, Fraeyman, 18:19; 13th, Dylan Speer, 20:06; 23rd, Nick Paris, 20:58; 38th, Cole Rapp, 21:49; 41st, Paul Arnold, 21:59; 48th, Philip Harrell, 22:50.
       5,000 meter, 10th grade: 2nd, J. Domagalski, 17:46; 15th, Noah Domagalski, 19:38; 36th, Kyle Ristow, 20:21; 58th, Austin Willey, 21:47; 64th, Michael VanValkenburg, 22:14; 96th, James Schradle, 23:44; 106th, Jason Sharnas, 24:32; 109th, Chris Prohaszka, 24:43; 113th, Matt Hansen, 26:16; 127th, Sam Pack, 30:05.
       5,000 meter, 11th grade: 1st, Toreki, 17:08; 13th, Frazer, 18:45; 14th, Mitch O'Hair, 18:46; 17th, Aaron Greb, 19:03; 85th, Alex Corey, 23:01; 92nd, Brad Worman,2 3:14; 95th, Spencer Havern, 23:44; 98th, Zach Mork, 23:46; 102nd, Tommy Anderson, 24:02; 125th, Trevor Raczak, 28:13.
       5,000 Meter, 12th grade: 2nd, T. Sharnas, 16:50; 5th, Saliga, 16:58; 10th, Andrew Nelson, 17:34; 77th, Jonathon Haning, 22:34; 79th, Garrett Noechel, 22:35.
       Women's Old Skool results:
       5,000 meter, 9th grade: 4th, Wilson, 21:31; 10th, Greb, 22:19; 17th, Alexis Kearney, 23:16.
       5,000 meter, 10th grade: 18th, Klein, 22:28; 23rd, Holliday, 22:43; 48th, Amanda Gardner, 24:52; 98th, Corrine Badke, 30:09.
       5,000 meter, 11th grade: 5th, Arnold, 20:57; 18th, Murray, 23:22; 73rd, Alyssa Proia, 28:08; 81st, Justine Barla, 29:16; 100th, Toni Lewis, 30:44.
       5,000 meter, 12th grade: 43rd, Julia Ramaci, 25:11; 53rd, Bailey Pearce, 26:04, 54th, Abbi Willey, 26:05.

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