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Posted: 01/30/13

The Romeo ice hockey team huddles before its game at the Clark Park Classic.

(Photo courtesy of Sharon Jenuwine)

Outdoor hockey match a memorable
moment for Bulldog hockey team

      There was no shortage of hockey action for the Bulldogs this past week, as they played three big games to bring their current season record to 13-3.
       The Bulldogs first traveled to Troy Sports Center on Wednesday, Jan. 23, to face the Notre Dame Prep Fighting Irish.
       Romeo came out strong, scoring three goals in the first three minutes of the first period. The first goal was scored by Dakota Danescu assisted by Mitch Pacitti. Dustyn Fleming then had an unassisted goal. Wyatt Bevins added to the scoring assisted by Hunter Jenuwine making the score 3-0. The back and forth action continued through the remainder of the period but no additional scoring occurred for either team.
       Early in the second period, the Fighting Irish scored what would be their only goal of the game. The period ended with the Bulldogs still leading 3-1.
       During the third period, Pacitti scored the Bulldogs' next goal with a nice set-up and assist from Kyle Hansen and Adam Soboleski. The Bulldogs closed the game with a 4-1 victory.
       Friday night, the Bulldogs hosted the Utica Chieftains for what could be considered the MAC White Title game. The Chieftains came out skating and hitting hard and it appeared the Bulldogs would have one huge battle to face. The Bulldogs responded with their own physical play, including a big hit by Hansen, and the momentum seemed to shift. Soboleski started the scoring streak for the Bulldogs assisted by Pacitti. On the same shift, Pacitti knocked in an unassisted goal and the Bulldogs were leading 2-0. With approximately six minutes left in the first period, Trevor Tessmar scored a power play goal assisted by Soboleski and the period closed 3-0.
       In the second period, the Chieftains seemed to be overpowered as Jenuwine scored on the first shift of the period assisted by Cam Gillem and Fleming. Emotions were high as both teams received penalties. The Bulldogs continued their quest as Mitch Bidus scored a power play goal assisted by Fleming and Soboleski. One more power play goal would be scored by Bidus assisted by Hansen and Tessmar before the period was over. The period ended with the Bulldogs leading 6-0.
       The third period would be shorter than anticipated as Bevins scored a breakaway goal from a nice pass by Fleming. With eight minutes remaining, Gillem scored the mercy goal assisted by Jake Rutkoske and Jenuwine. The game was over by a mercy call. This 8-0 victory put the Bulldogs' destiny in their own hands as now they only need to win their next three league games to clinch the MAC White title.
       The weekend of hockey was not yet over for the Bulldogs, as Saturday night they had their big outdoor "Clark Park Classic" game in Detroit against undefeated Dakota Cougars. The players, parents, and hockey fans loaded buses and cars and made their way to the outdoor arena in Clark Park. The scene was set as the lights lit the ice for the faceoff between the two energized teams. As the hockey action began, it was apparent that the Bulldogs were not intimidated by this highly ranked and undefeated team. The Bulldogs opened the scoring four minutes into the game when Gillem scored on a pass from Jenuwine and Tessmar. The hockey action continued as the first period reflected two evenly matched teams. The period ended with the Bulldogs leading 1-0.
       Unfortunately, the lead would be lost by the Bulldogs early in the second period when the Cougars scored, tying the game. The Bulldogs had several penalties issued against them and had to work extra hard to keep the Cougars at bay. Both teams fought to take the lead. With less than two minutes remaining in the second period, the Cougars put in back to back goals and the Bulldogs were down by a score of 3-1.
       During the third period, the Bulldogs tried to gain some momentum but the Cougars scored again making the lead wider at 4-1. With three minutes remaining in the game, Gillem scored again assisted by Jenuwine and Rutkoske and the score was 4-2. The Bulldogs continued to fight for a comeback but the Cougars had one more goal left in them and scored with a minute left in the game. The Cougars remained undefeated as the Bulldogs lost by a score of 5-2.
       Although the Bulldogs may not have had the outcome they had hoped for, they played a very respectable game against a top 10 team in the state and also created a great hockey memory in this extraordinary event.
       Hockey action continues for the Bulldogs on Friday, Feb. 1, as they face off against the Stevenson Titans at 5:15 p.m. at Great Lakes Sports City.

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