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Posted: 10/17/07

Bomb threat does little to
stop Homecoming success

Superheroes was theme
for this year's events

Observer Staff Writer
      Homecoming events for Romeo High School (RHS) were well-attended despite a bomb threat.
       A note had been found in the Romeo Engineering and Technology Center (RETC) on Oct. 10, saying the school would blow up on Oct. 12. A letter was sent home explaining the situation, letting kids know they should keep large purses and backpacks home for the day. Bags were searched, and students couldn't bring in jackets to the pep rally on Friday.
       Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Shannon Griffin was the acting superintendent during Homecoming, as Superintendent Joe Beck was on an out-of-state trip. She believes the district handled the situation well.
       "We followed policies and procedures that were set forth in our manuals, and we worked hard to ensure a safe and orderly environment," Griffin said.
       Bomb-sniffing K-9 units were brought in early Friday morning to check the high school, RETC, and Barnabo Field, all of which yielded no sign of a bomb. As of deadline Tuesday, the individual responsible for the threat has yet to be apprehended.
       "It is still under investigation by the Macomb County Sheriffs Department and school officials," she said. "If they're found, they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."
       Even with the threat looming in the back of their minds, the school spirit of the students could not be quelled. Sam Wolford, a senior, said homecoming was both "fun and crazy," and believed the situation with the threat to be under control.
       "I'm not worried, they're checking everyone," she said at the pep rally.
       John Bacci, a junior on the football team, said the threat didn't deter from homecoming as well.
       "It didn't really ruin anything," he said. "It might've put a dent in it, and not as many people might've come, but it was a pointless threat."
       Regardless of the threat, the pep rally was full of school spirit, even with the presence of deputies from the Macomb County Sheriffs Department in the gym. Perhaps it was negated by the presence of WDIV Channel 4, who was on the scene to record Romeo's homecoming for their "Friday Football Frenzy" contest.
       Romeo won the contest with more than 84,000 total votes, which decided what school WDIV would feature. RHS Principal Michael Kaufman said the district loved having them around, especially since the events were so well attended.
       "It was a positive thing for our school, and our kids really enjoyed it," he said. "It was well-deserved recognition."
       During the pep rally performances from the junior and varsity cheer teams, dance teams, and marching band riled up the students, and spirited competitions like a Tug-of-War got each grade cheering loudly for classmates.
       A skit was also performed, where a football monster wearing a green Grosse Pointe North shirt kidnapped a "cheerleader." Matching the float theme of superheroes, various characters tried to save the cheerleader<ranging from Spider-Man, Superman and Batman to James Bond and The Incredibles family<but all fell short. When all hope was lost, the Romeo Bulldog mascot came in and saved the day.
       "The Student Council got together and voted on having superheroes to go with the theme," said senior and student council member Mary Costa, adding this year the events were coordinated by the Student Council. "There was a lot involved with planning."
       She would later be crowned the Homecoming Queen at the football game. Blake Cushingberry, wide receiver on the varsity football team, was crowned king. Just like in the skit, Romeo dominated Grosse Pointe North with a 32-0 win.
       "I dont think we could've fit many more people into those stands," said Griffin. "The game and events were well-attended by both students and the community."

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