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Posted: 12/25/13

Sauerkraut Fest
is on for Jan. 4

      A simple get-together six years ago by a dozen people who gathered to learn how to make sauerkraut, touted for its nutritional benefits, has turned into somewhat of a festival.
       In fact, that's what it's being called this year, the 7th Annual Sauerkraut Festival, and there is an open invitation to members of the community to attend on Jan. 4 from 1-11 p.m. at Miller's Big Red Orchard located at 4900 32 Mile Road.
       The get-together, originally put on by George VanHoutte of Northern Farm Market, grew to 200 people last year and was held at his property on 33 Mile Road. The open invitation is a result of moving it to Big Red, a location that can hold far more than 200 people. The event will also be a fundraiser for the Romeo VFW.
       "We are taking donations but if someone comes and can't afford to do anything it's not a big deal," said VanHoutte. "We'll have a bucket there and whatever the event is worth to you, donate."
       Those who want to can bring their own five gallon bucket, but if not a bucket will be provided. The cabbage will also be provided. VanHoute donates the cabbage and plans to have 12 tons of it on hand. He also bought a cabbage slicer to accommodate the number of people who show up for the event.
       To add to the festive atmosphere, the event is also a potluck and everybody who attends is encouraged to bring a dish or some type of food item to share.
       Dr. Kerrie Saunders, a nutrition consultant and presenter, will also be there, said VanHoute.
       "She'll be there supporting the cause of people eating more healthy food," he said, adding she may even do a book signing.
       VanHoutte said the event is put on in January during a downtime for the orchards. He says it's also a way of the two orchards to give something back to the community. He says it's going to be a "crazy good time."
       "Nobody's counting any beans that day," he said. "We just want to have a good time with a good group of people."

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