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Posted: 06/04/14

Tri-Community Garage Sales features kids sale

Observer Staff Writer

      Romeo's 14th annual garage sales event will offer plenty of chances for both buyers and sellers of all ages to find a bargain.
       The 2014 Tri-Community Garage Sale is scheduled for June 12-15 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the communities of Romeo, Bruce and Washington.
       The former Village-Wide Garage Sale had people in the Village of Romeo hold simultaneous garage and yard sales over the second weekend in June.
       The sheer volume of traffic the sales bring in every year caused the Romeo-Washington-Bruce Parks and Recreation to expand its boundaries beyond the village in 2010. Clara Russell, Parks and Recreation director, said garage sales can be found on early every street in the 72 square-mile area since residents take advantage of the event's reputation.
       "It's truly just one of those things that if you garage sale -- or even if you don't -- it becomes a standard event that people put on their calendar," she said.
       Russell said there were debates on changing the event dates because they fall on Father's Day weekend this year, but decided it would only hamper the long-standing event.
       "I'm sure there are dads that would rather go to a garage sale than the mall," she said. "I usually see lots of tools and things they'd be interested in."
       Shoppers will find a new addition to the event in the form of a Kid-to-Kid Yard Sale, taking place at the Community Center on Morton Street from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 14.
       Normally taking place in July, the sale gives kids a chance to learn about retail firsthand by setting up tables or tents and selling toys and other items.
       "It's open to everybody, but it's very kid-oriented," Russell said. "They learn valuable lessons of learning to sell and part with treasures, but earning money to buy treasures from somebody else."
       A one-day sales event will take place at the same time and location as the Kid-to-Kid sales, where residents will rent out parking spaces and set up mini garage sales. Grace Venet, Parks and Recreation activities coordinator, said this gives people in condominiums and other types of homes a chance to partake in the event.
       "I think they'll do really well," she said. "When the weather is good we get a lot of traffic here."
       Spaces are available for $5 each and an additional $5 to rent a table.
       To make bargain hunting easier, Parks and Recreation registers willing residents on a map to give shoppers an easier time locating sales. Printed maps are available at the Parks and Recreation offices on Morton Street and will be updated on an online version prior to the sales.
       Venet said the registrations were slower than past years, but believes when the spring showers settle, people will set up their sales.
       "I think people are still thinking of rain and spring, but the map usually does fill up," she said. "Even if people aren't on the map, we encourage them to put a sign out, put balloons out and enjoy the fun."
       For more information, call (586) 752-6543 or visit

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