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Posted: 02/12/14

Board agrees to help get
library's tin ceiling fixed

Observer Special Writer
      A final decision was made regarding the tin ceiling at the Ray Township Library at the Ray Township Board of Trustees meeting Feb. 4.
       The tin ceiling at the library was planned for the library's 30th anniversary and the 150th anniversary of the schoolhouse that houses the library. But the project didn't work out as originally planned, with different finishes of tiles installed, and tiles being installed incorrectly.
       Both the board and the Ray Township Historical Society (RTHS) have been working together to come up with a solution.
       Township Supervisor Charlie Bohm announced the decision at the end of the meeting.
       "The Township Board agrees to contribute the money spent to date on the project without any contribution from the library or the Historical Society," he said.
       Approximately $7,200 was spent on the project. The project will be turned over to the Historical Society to re-bid the project to its satisfaction.
       "The township would conduct a project as far as bidding is concerned, because it's our property. We will approve the bid. If the successful bid comes in higher than $8,300, we would agree to loan the Historical Society from the general fund the difference, to be re-paid by the Historical Society as they are able to raise funds," said Bohm.
       Township Treasurer Doug Stier then requested that the amount loaned out not exceed $5,000.
       The board approved his request, along with a stipulation that the loan be paid back within five years.
       The announcement was good news for RTHS President Terry Goike.
       "I appreciate the offer of you paying the funds up front that have already been paid, and we'd love to do this if that works out," she said.
       The RTHS will meet to discuss the offer, and will look over the bids. If they cannot agree to anything the board offers, the township will finish the ceiling project as is.
       "We're just trying to make everybody happy," said Bohm.
       The board also held a public hearing for organizations in the Ray Township area requesting shares of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The board has been allotted $90,000 in funds for 2014, and must spend it within 18 months.
       Ray Township Lions Club President Tom Haynes asked the board for $2,000, which would be used to assist senior citizens in the area.
       "If we were to receive such funds, we would establish a separate bank account, keep all expenses in the account separate from other bank accounts, and provide the board with regular reports," he said.
       Also requesting funds was Jeff White, chief of E.M.S. at Richmond Lenox E.M.S. Ambulance Authority, which provides paramedic ambulance service to the township. CDBG funds may be given to ambulance services, but there are restrictions in how they may use the funds.
       "The only use that we have that qualifies for them is the pay down of Station No. 3, that's the station at Gratiot Avenue and 27 Mile Road," he said.
       The station serves residents who live along 29, 30, and 31 Mile roads, and also houses the local SMART community bus.
       "It qualifies because of the area it sits in. It sits very close to the village of New Haven, and much of New Haven qualifies as a low to moderate income area, which is what CDBG funds can be used for. If we can get funds for the payoff of that building, it will allow us to then use general funds that we can use for anything, from a nasal cannula to give oxygen with to tires for the ambulance," said White.
       White requested $20,000, but said any amount would be appreciated.
       "We've left that contribution up to the township as to what they could afford based on other very well-deserving programs here," he said.
       The board is expected to make a decision on distribution of the funds at the next meeting.
       In other business, the Board of Trustees:
       • Approved keeping a township owned property on New Haven Road on the tax roll, and exempting a township owned property on Roxbury Lane from the tax roll.
       • Approved sending a sign ordinance back to the Planning Commission with a list of concerns provided by the board.

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