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Posted: 03/12/14

Ray library's tin ceiling
resolution moving slowly

Observer Special Writer
      The Ray Township Library's tin ceiling project is slowly working its way to a resolution.
       The Ray Township Board of Trustees approved a motion to allow the Ray Township Historical Society (RTHS) to proceed with obtaining design and building bids in order to level and complete the tin ceiling at its meeting March 4.
       Township Trustee Betty Grader mentioned Building Inspector Bob Beckett's comments on the ceiling.
       "He said, `Furring strips will not make the ceiling surface level.' Just having read that, I don't know how we're going to be able to put anything out there for a bid until Mr. Beckett's concerns and the specifications as drawn up by the Historical Society (are in agreement) because they do not agree. They disagree with each other, and we certainly don't at this point need any problem," she said.
       RTHS President Terry Goike is working to make sure the project goes through smoothly.
       "We are trying to leave our options open and see what we got in bids and prices, and we wanted them to specify exactly the method they were going to use to level the ceiling off prior to re-installing the tin tiles, at which time, once you got all those bids in, you could decide which one was an acceptable base for the tin tiles; rather than trying to decide at this point what we want to do and try to get the experts who have done tin tiles to tell us what they would do and then we could decide whether that was acceptable."
       The original ceiling is six inches higher than the current ceiling. It is unknown when the ceiling was lowered.
       Grader tried to pass a motion to table the tin ceiling, but it failed by a vote of 2 to 3.
       The board then passed the motion to proceed with the bidding process with the cooperation of the building inspector, and with the stipulation that existing ceiling tiles that the library has be re-used. They are to use only the tiles with a glossy finish, and not the dull tiles. The ceiling currently has tiles of two different finishes, which is one of the primary reasons the ceiling needs to be redone.
       The board also held a special meeting of the board on Feb. 25, where it was decided that the alternate project funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds would be a blight project if the senior path project was to be rejected by the Macomb County Planning Department. This would involve demolishing homes in violation of the township's blight ordinance.  
       Township Clerk Paula Artman said if they wanted to apply for the senior path project she would have to prepare a survey that would have had to conclude that 51 percent of Ray Township's residents were low-to-moderate income.
       "We will never qualify for that," she said. "They made it virtually impossible for us to submit that application. I was going to have to do a lot of work to be told no."
       The board also accepted a letter of resignation from Parks and Recreation Director Joyce Oliver. Oliver is leaving due to other job commitments.
       Oliver will stay on as director until after the Ray Township Community Picnic on June 29. If the township finds a potential replacement for her before then, she is willing to work with that person.
       "She's done a wonderful job," said Township Supervisor Charlie Bohm.
       In other business, the Board of Trustees:
       • Approved the 2013-14 budget modifications.
       • Adopted the 2014-15 fiscal year budgets.
       • Approved a resolution to establish the salaries of elected officials.
       • Approved a resolution giving a reserve of $185,000 to the fire department until December 1, 2014 (next tax collection date).
       • Approved a resolution to provide $10,000 for a fire truck being built and $70,000 to purchase a rescue vehicle.
       • Approved a resolution to restrict $377,314 to the township between April 1 and December 1, 2014.
       • Approved the salary compensation schedule.
       • Approved an access and indemnity agreement between Ray Township and Verizon Wireless.

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