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Posted: 05/14/14

RTHS not happy with
library's tin ceiling fix

Observer Special Writer
      The tin ceiling project at the Ray Township Library will be finished, though not the way the Ray Township Historical Society (RTHS) would like it to be.
       The Ray Township Board of Trustees unanimously voted during their meeting May 6 to finish the tin ceiling and paint it.
       Since last year, the RTHS has been looking for contractors to fix the tin ceiling in the library, where tiles were installed incorrectly and with two different finishes.
       Two contractors submitted bids to the township. One was rejected due to the contractor not being able to submit proof of insurance or bonding, and the other from Advantage Carpentry was $15,633.
       There was also concern over installing an additional layer of plywood to level the ceiling, and the township needed to establish whether the additional weight would be safe. A quote of $500 to $1,000 was given by an architectural engineer to certify that a plywood installation would be acceptable.
       RTHS President Terry Goike said that Klepinger Construction, whose bid was rejected by the board, could provide proof of bonding and insurance upon request.
       "Although the Klepinger Construction bid did not have all the required documents with its sealed bid, the contractor did agree to supply the requested documents if the contract was awarded to him," she said.
       The RTHS asked the board to consider two options. One was to table a decision on the bid to allow the RTHS time to do additional fundraising through events, grants and donations. The other was to re-advertise for bids, with specifications for removing the current plywood sheets and installing new ones to avoid having an engineering certification performed.
       Township Trustee Betty Grader made a motion for the board to visit McMillin's Furniture Store in Yale to take a look at their tin ceiling.
       "It is my suggestion and recommendation that we all take a drive up there, look at it, and see if we can't turn this into a win-win situation for us," she said.
       The motion died for lack of support.
       Goike was not pleased with the board not addressing the two proposals the RTHS provided, saying she was not happy with simply finishing and repainting it.
       "It appears you guys are satisfied with how the lines of the tin tiles are put up," she said. "They are not put up straight. You can paint them all you want, whatever color you want. The lines will never be straight unless you take them down and redo them."
       Supervisor Charlie Bohm said he didn't want to re-advertise for specifications, saying the board only had one acceptable bid submitted.
       "I've been in the bidding business my whole life and you have one chance, and if you don't do it right, you don't win," he said. "All along, we've been talking about the fact that it had to be the specifications and the integrity of everything of our building inspector, and he has a concern, and I think we need to follow his concern."
       After lengthy discussions, the board unanimously approved a decision to finish the tin ceiling and relieve the RTHS of its commitment. The maintenance supervisor will finish the installation and the board will get price quotes on painting the ceiling.
       Goike expressed her disappointment with the board's final decision, saying the goal of completing the ceiling was based on standards from the State Register of Historic Places.
       "Having received grants for this and other projects, we regret the Township Board will not allow the society time to seek additional grants to reinstall the ceiling utilizing an experienced professional company," she said.
       She added that the RTHS appreciates the support of the community over the past year and is grateful to have the society released from its financial commitment to this project.
       In other business, the Board of Trustees:
       - Approved a motion to notify residents along Apple Lane about a proposal to rebuild the road and to make the neighborhood a Special Assessment District. The Macomb County Roads Department will pay half for the reconstruction of Apple Lane, and front the other half, which will eventually be paid back with interest.
       - Approved a one year contract with JTRM Planning, which will be reviewed after one year with recommendation from the Planning Commission if their contract should be renewed.
       - Approved the new meeting schedule with one meeting per month on the third Tuesday of the month, starting in June.
       - Appointed Joe Jarzyna to the Planning Commission to fill the remaining term of the late Dave Ebert, which expires on December 31, 2014.
       - Approved a contract with the Macomb County Department of Roads to perform dust control treatments on township roads.

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