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Posted: 07/09/14

PAVING PROJECT. Above, Mound Road from 28 Mile to 29 Mile Road is under construction to become a paved road. The Macomb County Department of Roads expects the $1.6 million project will wrap up in early September barring major delays from weather.

(Observer photo by Chris Gray)

Department of Roads to
begin paving Mound Rd

Observer Staff Writer
      Improving a portion of Mound Road in Washington Township is expected to wrap up in early fall once paving begins.
       The Macomb County Department of Roads is predicting a Sept. 1 completion date for paving Mound Road from 28 Mile to 29 Mile Road.
       Bob Hoepfner, Department of Roads director, said since it began in May the project has torn up the road and installed curbing and gutters. The last segment will be to pave the road, which was expected to begin last week.
       Hoepfner said the project is slated for completion in early September, which depends on the weather and how soon paving the road begins.
       "If we start paving any day now, it'll easily be completed by then," he said.
       The $1.6 million project has 80 percent of its funding provided through federal funds, while the remaining 20 percent is split between the Department of Roads and Washington Township. Each side will contribute $278,280.
       The project was requested by Washington Township so it could have another paved north-south artery in the area aside Van Dyke. Supervisor Dan O'Leary said the road will help remove traffic from Van Dyke and improve safety on Mound Road.
       "It gives us another north-south route so that we don't have a lot of congestion in our town," he said. "We have a lot of building going on in that corner. . . and having it paved is going to provide greater property values for people in that area."
       The main concern heard from residents has been the removal of trees along the road. Hoepfner said the department had to remove trees that were closest to the road for safety reasons.
       "It's a shame the trees had to go, they were pretty old and offered a terrific canopy but when you turn a gravel road into a paved roadway you can't allow trees to be next to it because it is a death trap," he said.
       The township and Department of Roads agreed to pay $29,000 to keep some of the larger trees intact. The township board approved of the decision in May.
       O'Leary said he has received about five calls from residents concerned about the trees, saying most citizens understand the need to remove them.
       "We really need that paved for safety reasons," he said.
       Residents along the road, mainly from the Crystal Creek subdivisions, spoke in favor of the project at the township's May 7 meeting, saying the road is in poor condition.

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