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2010 KING AND QUEEN. Seen above are the 2010 Homecoming King and Queen, crowned at the game on Oct. 15. Senior Matt Irish, class president and member of the Dawg Pound, was crowned king, while senior Ashley Flinn, a kicker for the varsity football team, was crowned as queen. Below top, students present checks of $28,000 each to representatives from the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen For the Cure. The money for the checks was collected from the Watchdog game. Below bottom, the painted members of the "Dawg Pound" get the students fired up during the Pep Rally on Friday.

(Observer photos below by Chris Gray)

(Observer photo above by Mike Nicley)

New traditions, rules lend
to Homecoming success

Observer Staff Writer
      Despite a new set of rules and some dreary weather, Homecoming 2010 for Romeo High School shined with school spirit, community participation and charitable giving.
       Students kept high spirits in spite of stricter rules set for the Homecoming dance and still showed up to participate in the school's first parade down Main Street in a long time regardless of rain.
       "The kids were very positive, they were excited, enthused and engaged, it was just a great week," said Principal Mike Kaufman.
       Greg Brynaert, activities and athletics director, said planning for Homecoming had gone on since April of this year. Events during the week helped build school spirit, such as dress-up days, hall decorating and lunch games.
       "Our Student Council was huge in the organization and planning of this and I think they did an awesome job," he said. "They've got enthusiasm, they've got everybody involved in it."
       A new tradition that got a soggy start was a parade held on Main Street on Oct. 13. Brynaert said even though it rained there were more people out wanting to see it than he expected.
       "It's the start of a great tradition," he said. "It was a great place to have it, the town was enthusiastic and the businesses downtown liked it, so we're going to continue to do that."
       In lieu of building traditional floats for the parade, the construction class at the Romeo Engineering and Technology Center once again built four playhouse "shells." Each class was charged with making their shell into a jungle-themed playhouse that would later be awarded to raffle winners.
       Money from the raffles went back into the class that built the respective float. Results from the float-building contest were as follows: Sophomores in first, seniors in second, juniors in third and freshmen in fourth.
       Perhaps the only point of contention was a new contract students had to sign saying they wouldn't dance inappropriately during Saturday's dance.
       Lindsey Kiiskila, a junior and Student Council member, said planning the week was good but also stressful since students were concerned about the stricter rules. She was a member of the council's dance committee.
       "I know a couple of people, some seniors especially, said they're not going to come because they said the rules are stupid," she said. "It's kind of sad because it's their senior year."
       Kaufman said it did little to detract from the week, especially since attendance was roughly the same as last year with about 1,200 students at the dance.
       "The kids had a good time and were having fun, sometimes we just need to have a few guidelines and have a few expectations," he said.
       Rallying for Romeo
       A pep rally held on Friday revved up the students for the Oct. 15 football game, including performances by the marching band, dance and cheer teams as well as games to pit each grade against the other.
       The assembly also served as the stage for presenting two checks from the Watchdog game, where money was raised for cancer research.
       The district raised a total of $56,000, which was split into checks of $28,000 each<one for the American Cancer Society and one for Susan G. Komen For the Cure.
       Representatives from each organization accepted the checks, such as Chris Pearson, executive director for Susan G. Komen. She in turn presented the school with an outstanding community award.
       "You have started something that is so powerful that others are now copying from you," Pearson said to the students.
       To end the rally, the football team demonstrated how they would smash the Stevenson Titans by literally taking a sledgehammer to a car hood that read "Hammer the Titans."
       The Bulldogs indeed hammered the Titans with a 49-20 victory. Along with the crowning of seniors Matt Irish and Ashley Flinn as Homecoming king and queen, the Bulldogs were crowned as the outright football champions of the Macomb Area Conference Red Division with the win.

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