Pennsylvania board denied resident’s request to form an After School Satan Club

A school district in Pennsylvania denied a resident’s request to form an After School Satan Club in Northern Elementary School on Tuesday.

All but one board member opposed the formation of the club. Hundreds of community members attended the two-hour meeting to discuss the age of the children the club would target, cultural and biblical issues attached to the possible formation of such a club and the content on the Satanic Temple’s website for the program.

“Look at the range of our students the children suffering from mental health issues, suicide, anxiety, depression all these things are off the chart and my heart goes out to these kids,” one resident at the meeting said. “More than ever we need a God in this world and this proposal in the opposite direction.”

Some parents supported the integration of the club. Another parent said that by not approving the club the school district would be doing a disservice to the children, as the world is changing so much and having them exposed and helping them understand what the club means and why it exists early could benefit them. “Accepting something does not mean you have to like it, it does not mean you have to support it.”


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