China. TV censors revolt against “zero Covid” policy.

State-controlled broadcaster’s news is silent on protests

CCTV news anchors Zhou Yingfeng (left) and Hu Yuexin (right) read the day’s major news headlines according to China’s state-controlled broadcaster: opening with a press conference ahead of the launch of the Shenzhou-15 spacecraft; then Russian media reporting on the Kremlin’s plans to halt oil exports in response to new sanctions; Ukrainian President Zelensk unveiling Ukraine’s grain plans at the first World Food Security Summit in Kyiv; followed by U.S. media reporting on the increase in violence in the United States and countries issuing travel warnings; and finally the Chinese National Health Commission bulletin reporting new Covid-19 infections on Nov. 27. No mention of the mass demonstrations that are rampant in many cities across China: Beijing where the white sheets protest is spreading, Shanghai where a BBC reporter reports being beaten by police, and in Wuhan itself where protesters in the streets are also singing the national anthem.

Silence today from China’s state broadcaster CCTV on protests against anti-Covid crackdowns that have erupted across the country over growing public frustration. Opening on the upcoming launch of a spacecraft to its International Space Station (ISS).