You Season 4: Is This Series Release Date CONFIRMED For This Year

Season 4 of Netflix’s serial killer drama You will include Penn Badgley.


We haven’t seen You season 3 on Netflix in a while, but we already know Joe Goldberg will return in season 4, and things will be a lot more problematic for him.


The fourth season of You’ll pick up after the death of a prominent character in season three. Joe’s relentless quest of perfection may or may not continue to attract notice.


The actor believes Joe will remain the same, according to TV Line. “It will be a major challenge for someone this sick, tormented, wounded, and violent to heal and evolve.” I’m not sure it’s really possible for someone who’s gone so far.” – Badgley told TV Line about himself.


In a statement announcing the fourth season, showrunner Sera Gamble said, “We’re really happy that Netflix has shown You such great support and that people all across the world have enjoyed seeing Joe get it all very wrong over the previous three seasons.” The entire You team is looking forward to exploring new, dark dimensions of love in season four.”


When is Season 4 expected to be released?

We can make an educated prediction based on the fact that neither Netflix nor the production company have issued an official release date for You season 4. Season 1 debuted on September 9, 2018, followed by Season 2 on December 26, 2019. The third season was renewed in December 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production was postponed until February 2021. In October 2021, Season 3 of You was released.

We should expect fresh episodes to premiere around Christmas 2022, now that development on You Season 4 has commenced.

Is your Season 4 cast confirmed?


Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg), Tati Gabrielle (Marianne Bellamy), Lukas Gage (Adam), Charlotte Ritchie (Kate), Tilly Keeper (Lady Phoebe), Amy Leigh Hickman (Nadia), Ed Speleers (Rhys), Brad Alexander (Edward), Niccy Lin (Sophie), Aidan Cheng (Simon), Stephen Hagan (Malcolm), Ben Wiggins (Mal (Elliot).

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Season 4’s storyline


As you may have noticed, even Joe was moved by the conclusion of You Season 3. The murder of his wife and the baking of his toe into the cake were among the sad occurrences of the climax. He then abandoned his child and pretended to die, which, by the way, no one does.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also set fire to his house. He went to Paris afterwards to look for Marianne. So expect some of Season 4 to take place in London, and then we’ll see where the plot leads us.

What are the names of the characters in You Season 4?


With the exception of good old murderer Joe, the Season 4 characters have been kept under wraps so far. We should anticipate to see Love with Joe in Season 4, if only in flashbacks or hallucinations, as well as Beck and the other bodies Joe left behind in Seasons 1 through 3. Theo, Marienne, Dante, Dottie, and Henry, as well as the insufferable Sherry and Cary Conrad, may make an appearance.

“You know, if you’re going to go, you want it to be different,” Pedretti said of her character’s death to Entertainment Tonight. “It was sad, distressing, and dreadful how it all went down, but I knew I was going to die, so it wasn’t surprising.” However, the manner in which it occurred was unanticipated.” She added that she has no say in the issue and that only time will tell if she will accompany Joe to Paris.