Oklahoma. Remains found are of missing 4-year-old girl

Athena Brownfield was reportedly beaten to death by the man she considered her father, and her ‘adoptive’ mother reportedly buried her body in a plot of land.

The remains that were found on January 17 in rural Grady County are those of Athena Brownfield, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation confirmed on Thursday.

The body belongs to the girl, four years old, who was reported missing on January 10 after a mailman found her five-year-old sister alone outside the house where they lived in the village of Cyril, Oklahoma.

The Caddo County District Court has ruled that the case must remain in judicial secrecy.

Recall that on Christmas Eve, authorities found that there was a case of assault, and arrested the two caretakers of the children, Ivon and Alysia Adams, 36 and 31 years old, respectively.

Alysia Adams reportedly told authorities, according to the Associated Press, that her husband assaulted the children around midnight on the 25th. Athena “wasn’t moving and her eyes were barely opening,” the woman said, adding that her husband “then laid her down on the floor and punched her three more times in the chest,” and the child “didn’t move again.” The ‘adoptive’ mother is said to have then buried the girl’s body in a plot of land.

The man was arrested and charged with murder and child neglect while in Arizona and placed in Maricopa County Jail (known to have one of the most dangerous and violent jails in the United States), while Alysia was arrested in Oklahoma on suspicion of child neglect.

Law enforcement officials revealed that the two children are sisters and were reportedly left by their biological mother with the couple at least two years ago, so they considered Alysia and Ivon to be ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

The girls’ biological parents also assisted investigators in the case.