Epic photos show Ohio waterfront castle-esque home that cost $6 million to build

Bradley Delp said he spent close to $6 million on construction over four years to build a glamorous waterfront castle with 18 rooms in Rossford, Ohio.

But Delp and his family were only able to live in the home for two years before moving to Florida, and for the past decade no one has been living in the 1.17-acre estate. The home, which features a home theater, cellar, elevator, swimming pool and children’s playroom, finally sold for $2.59 million this week according to a property listing touting the house as costing “less than half of what it cost to construct.”

“It took four years to build the new house because there was an existing home on the lot that we had to knock down,” Delp told Insider. “Old World architecture was something that always fascinated me. I went along with that theme, and it ended up morphing into the castle.” The castle has a European design with arched doorways and is on the Maumee River in Rossford, Ohio, and was promoted as a “boat lover’s dream” with a private dock. The kitchen showcases marble columns and arched brick ceilings. According to county records, Delp bought the land in 2003 for $577,500 and his family lived in the home from 2007 to 2009. Listing records showed the home going for as high as $3.97 million in March of 2018 – the first time it went on the market.